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My Review of Vestige
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I just finished playing through the game on stream and would like to leave a little review. To clear the game, it took me about 2 hours. This is by no means a long game, but that doesn't mean a bad game either.

The Good
- The Platforming is great! There are some more challenging things, but nothing excruciating.
- Some of the runes are challenging to get and not handed to you on a silver platter. You need to put in some work to get them.
- You get to go hunting for treasures without feeling like it's a chore. There are hidden areas to find that contain health ups, runes, and currency to unlock the runes.

The Bad
- Combat is a smidge clunky, BUT IT DOES NOT RUIN THE GAME. I emphasize this, because I don't want you to not play the game because of the combat. The combat works, it just doesn't feel fluid.
- The timer for one of the puzzles in the fire section needs to be longer. After several attempts, I was able to finally get it, but not by using the method you guys expected. The tornadoes are to inconsistent to determine the jumps.

Ultimately, it isn't a bad game. I enjoyed playing my way through it. If you are looking for a long story based game, this isn't for you. If you want something casual though, give this a shot! Based on the description, this game was made by a small group of graduates. Keep up the good work and keep improving! I hope to see your team put out some more games together.

I'll update this review with a youtube video put out after my 24 hour exclusivity is up from twitch.
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