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This is the only way to kill an Enthernal Guardian
Mini-Quest Gladiator Arena. The reason behind All Great Gladiators, is an opportunity to OSRS Fire Cape train and hone their abilities. This is not a simple search. It's one of the most effective ways to boost your Gladiator Level. To begin, I will list the REQUIRMENTS! Each challenge will be accompanied by a monster that you must overcome. You'll need to slay more than 90 Monsters in each challenge. In all challenges, you'll be fighting 5 Monsters. Challenge X consists of 8 Monsters.

Amazing for an outlander. Why did you decide to come to Solar Isle? I am here to seek a membership in the Solar Tribe. If you wish to join us, you have to kill the Ethernal Gaurdians. They are found deep beneath the Solar dungeon and within the Lunar Tunnels. There is only one way you can eliminate Ethernal Gaurdians. You have to make an enchanted potion and rub it on the Sunrisen Staff.

This is the only way to kill an Enthernal Guardian. To ascend the Steep Rockslide (which requires 45 Agility) follow the path around Cheiftan’s hut. Take the path that leads to two large boulders facing your east. There isn't any way to get rid of the boulders, so go the other way on the path and then climb the Barren Sandslide, It will require level 55 Agility to climb. You will eventually reach Dakrayial Beach if you climb it.

There are two bushes. One of them is the deadly Ecliptic Herb. If you are picked and positioned, you'll be snatched. If you're chosen, the posion will drain your prayers and can reach anything from 2-8. On the otherhand, it will grow the white herb. It will cure posion, and boost the power of your prayer by 2 for the next 5 minutes. The next step is to talk with A sunburned Wanderer who walks along the beach.

What's the problem? My skin hurts... My skin is hurting... Return to 2007 RS Items the docks. Head to the east, and you'll arrive at East Solar Isle. Look through the homes in this area until you locate an Old Druid. Talk to the Druid.

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