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Donald Trump defeated election Waiting for the day of being slaughtered.
Donald Trump defeated election Waiting for the day of being slaughtered, many counts of old prison

[Image: Dtbezn3nNUxytg04N1NF2KdkG30PgGqb4RuD0mU2KBqweC.jpg]

Follow Donald Trump's future when he leaves the US President. What will happen Because before there were many criminal and civil cases, they could not be prosecuted. Because it has legal protection rights as president To survive and have time to breathe
Trump was president of the United States. There are accusations about the use of the position as a benefit. In doing business for the family There is a risk of fraudulent behavior. Both tax evasion Have money laundering behavior เกมสล็อตฟรี From the transaction The accusation of sexual abuse of women And many other cases that have not expired Including the defendant Defeated in the Court of Appeal Pending a decision of the Supreme Court
The possibility that Donald Trump will face a retrospective action. Until he was in prison when he was old After the expiration of the term of office "President of the United States" or not. Prof. Emeritus Dr. Chaiwat Khamchu, director of the College of Politics. King Prajadhipok's Institute told the "Thairath Online News Team" that it did not know exactly what Trump's information was. How much are prosecuted? But in the past, as understood After Trump Retire from the presidency Will not be eligible for protection anymore Not subject to criminal proceedings From the case that has not expired
One of the most likely criminal cases Under investigation case of money gagging former porn model Claiming to have a deep connection with Trump Before entering politics Which is breaking the election law And the case leaves former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, three years in prison for hiding the truth four years ago, before Trump was elected to the US presidential election. Trump on where the money comes from Because it is not possible that a lawyer Will issue $ 130,000 to a client, Trump.

[Image: Dtbezn3nNUxytg04N1NF2KdkG30PgGqbuadTjjs8H6ANx3.jpg]

Trump also has a matter of tax evasion. Although not being hit with a criminal case But will face a tax smuggled case Must see evidence from the tax invoice that can be disclosed or not. It is money laundering, claiming information is just a loan. In this case, I am not sure whether there will be any evidence, as the New York Times has released. And in the case of an unfinished case, Trump's struggles to win the second term of the presidential election to survive four more years if he survives.
But not winning might be filed, as Joe Biden made an announcement during the campaign. If there is power, there will be no amnesty In contrast to the scandalous Watergate case, President Richard Nixon resigned, but Vice President Gerald Ford was in a position to resign. From the same party Has declared an amnesty for Nixon Escaping criminal cases
“Biden is on a different party from Trump. Therefore not amnesty Plus, when Trump was in power, there was an urge to arrest that person. Including the governor of Michigan There was a lockdown to prevent COVID, but Trump has said it broke the law forcing people to lock down. Has incited people to come out against It is expected that this will be another issue that will be prosecuted. After Trump's retirement And many other cases That Trump would be hit without any excuse. Amid news that Trump Try to return to elections in the next four years in order to escape the case if Biden continues to prosecute. "
In the end, Trump Will it go to jail? After retirement Based on the evidence But from a personal point of view, Trump There are concerns about this as well. Such as the removal case "Impression", according to US Attorney General Robert Mueller, accused Trump's campaign of conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. Would not be a legal bully Or pushing further to condone May be left according to the justice process Not thinking of revenge for Trump in prison.

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