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Trump has plans to declare victory despite not finishing votes.
[Image: BB1aBXvT.img?h=427&w=640&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f.jpg]

The Axious US news website reported, citing three sources close to Trump, saying: Trump told a close aide that He intends to declare victory. Although it is not yet known how many ballots will receive due to the large number of ballots in the battle state, Like Pennsylvania Not finished yet And Trump's campaign team expects he can do just that. They have to win or have a lead away in the states of Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Arizona and Georgia.
But Tim Mertaff, communications director for Trump's campaigning team, said the news was not true. And it was just an attempt by someone who wanted to point some doubt about the Trump victory.

As Trump said yesterday Insisted that he would not announce victory in advance But also warned that He opposed the delayed counting เกมยิงปลา of postal ballot papers after Election Day. And it is dire if some states allow ballot ballot counting days after the election has finished. Along with reiterating that It's terrible to not know the election results on election night.
Trump campaign team Prepare to accuse The postal ballot, counted after the Nov. 3 election day and affecting Democrats' victory, is evidence of election corruption.

[Image: BB1aC4yd.img?h=427&w=640&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=...&y=177.jpg]

While Joe Biden rivals from Democrats. Said while campaigning in Philadelphia yesterday that The President must not steal a victory in this election. Along with condemning Trump's supporters who tried to intimidate his supporters. This included a convoy of Trump supporters that followed and followed Biden's campaign bus in Texas on Friday.

Many states do not count ballot papers by mail until polling stations close on Election Day. Which includes the state of Pennsylvania And with a record high number of voters by mail, ballot counting can be delayed by days.
Republicans have filed lawsuits in some battle states to block ballot numbers received after election day. Even if the date stamped before the election day But the Supreme Court ruled last week that North Carolina can count ballots arriving before Nov. 12 if they were sent before Election Day.

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