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5 ways to deal with acne, rice grains How do you get your pimples off ?!
Acne, rice grains It is another type of clogged acne that is shallow. On the surface and have a hard grain Small and can be born at any age In some people it may be accompanied by itching. Caused by dead skin cells The dirt does not come off. Including dirt and makeup residues on the skin surface combined with fat. Can be found around the eyes, cheeks, making it difficult, but applying makeup and still looking uneven skin.

[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL3dvLzAvdWQv...EuanBn.jpg]

Clean your face regularly.
Rice acne is caused by the presence of dead skin cells or dirt and makeup that may not be washed clean. Causing clogging of pores and sebum ดาวน์โหลด slotxo under the skin Therefore, it is necessary to use a face wash that penetrates deeply into the pores or exfoliates the skin. Cleaning your face twice a day, morning and evening, it will help heal acne and make various pimples. Falling faster.
Scrub your skin once a week.
And for the reason that dirt is clogging the pores and dead skin cells do not come off the skin, women should use a facial scrub to help. You can use granulated sugar or baking soda mixed with herbs like turmeric or lemon to scrub the acne area for 30 seconds, once a week. It will help shed skin cells. Remember that acne will come off more easily, too.
Choose a toner that exfoliates the skin.
Toner with AHA, BHA that exfoliates the skin on the face, it helps to reduce acne and accelerate the exfoliation of the skin cells, causing acne pimples to come off faster. Girls with acne-prone skin Then use a toner to wipe on the face after washing your face regularly in the morning and evening It can help reduce acne problems as well.
Apply the Minocycline. To flatten acne
Minocycline is an acne treatment drug that helps kill germs. Makes acne disappear faster. Can be applied to treat acne, rice. They must be applied as directed by a pharmacist or doctor. In order to obtain the efficacy of the drug and suit each person's skin type value
Press acne out
One of the methods to get rid of pimples, young ladies can use a clean acne device to press the pimples themselves by piercing the pimple with a needle. Then press to remove the pimple before cleaning it again But if the girls Having a lot of rice pimples, more than 10 tablets or more, recommend the doctor to do so for safety and reduce acne scars after pressing acne is better
Anyone who has problems with acne, Khao San, try these methods to be used together. Recommended that if there are too many Should see a doctor to find a cause for treatment will be better. For safety and reduce acne scars, skin problems after acne treatment.

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