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Running on a treadmill vs.Outdoor running, which exercise is better?
[Image: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2hlLzAvdWQv...4uanBn.jpg]

Even if you love exercise like running much. But whenever I find that the weather is not as expected, such as sunny, rainy and heavy smoke and pollution, it must be discouraged. And if you're looking for a solution by purchasing a treadmill Check out this Hello Doctor's article to help you make a decision.
How is the treadmill good for our health?
When the weather conditions are not ideal, we need to exercise outdoors. Having another option, such as a treadmill, is not a bad idea. Because besides being easy to use and convenient, it can also have a lot of positive effects on our health as follows
Improve joint flexibility
Regularly running on the treadmill may help improve the mobility of your joints to be more flexible. Because because the treadmill Different levels can be adjusted to suit your running perfectly. More importantly, this flexibility may help keep you away from osteoarthritis. And arthritis when you are into the elderly as well
Promote weight loss
Because the treadmill has a system to increase the latency And the speed adjustment system Therefore, each of your runs can burn up to 100 calories per mile, which if you follow the right program It takes at least about an hour, it may help you to have burned a lot of calories, at least 600 calories ever.
Healthy heart
Running with a treadmill Most of them come with a heart rate monitor that will facilitate you to closely monitor your heartbeat while running. You will be able to know immediately at which level you will run and not overdo it. Because if you run at the right level on a regular basis It may increase the circulatory system to get more oxygen to nourish the heart. Along with helping to lower blood pressure That may lead to heart attack.
Restore mental health
Another important thing that you may benefit from running on a treadmill is mental improvement. And that mood can make you feel better This is because light running exercise exposes your brain to the release of endorphin, or substance of happiness. In order to relieve anxiety symptoms from various stories Experienced each day Including directly treating people who are in depression (Depression) as well
Drawbacks of using an exercise treadmill
Of course, treadmills are not always the only advantage. But there are still some disadvantages. You should know and can be considered before buying it at home in the long term as follows.
It can be quite expensive with some models. And but appropriate for the health of users Surface that supports impact while running on some models. It can have too much effect on your back, hips, knees, joints and ankles. So, before making any purchase, you should try to run a little first. Some treadmills are quite large. You should allocate space for a good layout. Because the treadmill has a limited area It may make you feel bored while you run. Some models of treadmills have more technology than older models, which makes it sometimes necessary to consult with a specialist. In order to issue a running program for you And used to make decisions before buying that they are suitable for any model What you should know Before you start running on a treadmill
Before every run, you should have a consultation with a professional doctor because sometimes The treadmill may not be suitable for the health condition you are experiencing. But if the case is already permitted, then you should learn how to properly run the treadmill using these methods.
Stepping on the treadmill
You shouldn't step onto the belt. Or on a treadmill while the machine is still running. Please only begin to step in after the belt is stationary. And please observe the emergency stop button on the machine If there is any case of error You will be able to press the stop button as long as possible. In addition, the start of the run should be adjusted to a low level first to prepare the body and then increase the level as needed.
Don't touch the rail or the console.
Please refrain from holding the rail on the treadmill. Because of exercise by running And walk on that treadmill Must be in a natural position Like running outside Unless you have an injury Or in a physical therapist's therapy program that program you to rehabilitate only
Refrain from self-defeating Or want to go over the limit
Doing this In a sense, it can be very dangerous to your ankle. And may be at risk of causing an accident Because running well, there is no need to adjust the sensitivity to maximum. But to adjust the level to fit the power And self health Along with the appropriate time to run for a long time Or too little
Should not lean forward or wrap over the shoulder.
In addition to exercise to build strength and health. Running on a treadmill can also promote your personality. Because if you accidentally สล็อต bend your back Or being in the wrong posture may cause you to have back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or even more spine deformities.
In which good posture in running on a treadmill You may start by raising your head. And look forward While observing their shoulders that they leaned forward or not If it is leaned over, try to lift your shoulders backwards. To feel the chest open, shoulders straightened However, you can consult a trainer again on the correct posture for running on a treadmill to

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