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List Building - Refining the Lead Funnel
Customer acquisition comes in its many flavors. But whether the enterprise is huge and complex, or a mom-and-pop, the ceo email list  lead funnel stages are the same. I want to take a minute to focus on the lead nurture aspect. This is the part that is too shortened or ignored in the larger enterprises, which are so focused on quarter-by-quarter performance that they may not have the time to nurture a lead properly. Smaller companies and entrepreneurs frequently don't understand or spend enough effort in the wooing process.The ceo email list classic lead funnel has 4 stages -- brand awareness, lead generation, lead nurture and finally the sale. Let's look at it another way, from the prospects perspective --the Know/Like/Trust/Sale continuum with a focus on the inner 2 stages. One of the best-kept secrets of converting a prospect to ceo email list a buyer is making sure that the bait used to hook them is in alignment with what they are expecting, wanting, and needing AT EACH STAGE OF THE FUNNEL. That will differ, and there is the difference.

1. Know - The prospect first has to know your brand, company or product. Awareness, branding, is the ceo email list first step in any purchase decision, absolutely. Here is where first impressions are made, and an initial opinion established. This is probably the most formal features-and-benefits oriented, strictly informational aspect of communications to come in to play. Formal white papers about the ceo email list product capabilities, PowerPoint presentations, spec sheets -- all of that formal credibility-building collateral is right on target here and should be used. Social Media plays an important role here as well, but done with an eye to creating the right image.
[Image: CEO-Email-Lists.png]
2. Like - Stages 2 and 3 are really the important pieces, in my mind. You are now building a level of involvement and increasing intimacy with your prospect. This may sound like a romantic, consumer-ish, and odd concept. But buyers are people. And people make decisions more with their ceo email list emotions than with their brains, whether they are buying blade servers or scented soap. Knowledge about the product, features, and benefits, are all part of what needs to be communicated. But that is truly not what makes a sale happen. This is the ceo email list time to provide value at no cost; white papers about a pain point in the industry, resources for problem solving, a free e-book pertaining to a specific concept of ceo email list particular interest to your prospect. Give all this away. Give lots away, and give it frequently and often. If you are providing truly valuable (to your prospect) information, frequent contact will not be perceived as harassment, so don't be shy. But don't ask for the sale, not yet.

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